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Veronica Mars 100

A Drabble Community

Veronica Mars Drabble community
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Welcome to veronica100 a community for Veronica Mars fans to write drabbles based on weekly challanges.

Every Saturday a drabble challange will be proposed to this community and you'll have exactly one week to complete your drabble before the new challange is issued.

It's ok if it goes a little over 100 words, don't worry too much about the words just don't make it too much longer or else this fails to be a drabble community and ends up as regular fic..

Any ships and any rating are allowed, though if your drabble contains anything over an R rating or slash please put it behind an LJ cut with appropriate warnings. Thank you!

More rules will come as it becomes a need to add them!

Thanks :)

staticrader , the_firefly and juliet42 co-moderate this community! If you have any questions you may contact them.

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